Ridge Mount Skylights

Manufactured to the highest standards with
highest quality domes

Standard Pitch 2:12

Ridge Mount Skylights are placed directly on the ridge of a pitched roof.

Curb Mount

Size Selection Chart

Outside Curb or Roof Opening Dimension

12" x unlimited

18" x unlimited

24" x unlimited

30" x unlimited

36" x unlimited

*Standard dimensions listed, though custom sizes are available. Ridge Mounts are not available in domed or pyramid styles. Custom tinting and frame colors are available. Units can be Single or Double glazed; Curb Mounted or Self Flashing; Only available in flat glass or flat plastic (Acrylic, Polycarbonate, or Polygal).

Please have your Outside Curb or Roof Opening Dimension when you call.

Pricing Note: We ask that you call for pricing in order for us to get an accurate shipping quote. Keep in mind that there will be added savings if you order two or more skylights.