Hurricane Skylight Drawing

Specifications: Standard and custom sizes are available. Options for Units include: Argon-Filled, Double Insulated, Tempered glass with a third layer Of High-Impact Polycarbonate OR Hurricane-Resistant, Insulated, Tempered glass made of heat strengthened Low-E lites permanently bonded with one or more layers of durable PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) resin sheeting. Self-Flashing Units are available with 6" curb heights. Curb Mounted units must have existing or pre-built curbs that must be built according to building code requirements. Units available with custom tinting and frame colors. Also available as Thermally Broken Curb Mounted or with Thermally Broken Self-Flashing Curbs, recommended for cold weather climates. NOA (Notice of Acceptance) available upon request.

Pricing Note: We ask that you call for pricing in order for us to get an accurate shipping quote. Keep in mind that there will be added savings if you order two or more skylights.

Please have your Outside Curb Dimensions when you call.