Low-Energy Insulated Skylight


NanogelSavannah Trim's new NanoStar™ Skylights are your blueprint for unsurpassed Energy-efficient performance and reduced sound transmission. Utilizing the Nanogel®Aerogel insulating material, the NanoStar™ Skylight is 80% more energy efficient. Achieve outstanding long-term energy savings for minimal additional cost.

The NanoStar™ Skylight provides the benefits of Green Building with eco-daylighting and reduced energy consumption and emissions. To satisfy the new Energy Codes, select the NanoStar™ Skylight, and rest assured that you are utilizing one of the most energy efficient skylights on the market today.

The NanoStar™ Skylight = Energy Savings. NanoStar™ is available for commercial, industrial and residential unit skylight applications in numerous standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

Self-Flashing Units

Curb Mounted Units

Roof Opening Dimension

Outside Curb Dimension

22 ¼” x 46 ¼”

25 1/4" x 49 1/4"

30 ¼” x 30 ¼”

33 ¼” x 33 ¼”

37" x 37"

40" x 40"

46 ¼” x 46 ¼”

49 ¼” x 49 ¼”

46 ¼” x 89 ½”

49 ¼” x 92 ½”

*Standard dimensions listed, though custom sizes are available. Units avaiable in Domed or Pyramid styles. Custom tinting and frame colors available.

Please have your Roof Opening OR Outside Curb Dimensions when you call.

Pricing Note: We ask that you call for pricing in order for us to get an accurate shipping quote. Keep in mind that there will be added savings if you order two or more skylights.